Google Now Requiring HTTPS

HTTPS Error Message Firefox

Starting October 2017, Google chrome users will see a security alert on any page with a form if your site is not HTTPS. Firefox users are seeing similar error messages (see above in firefox)

So if your site is not yet https://(yoursite).com, then you should start to move in that direction (Side note: Moving to HTTPS will slightly help your SEO as well).

Moving to HTTPS – Punchlist

The move to HTTPS can be a complex one, especially if you have a complex web infrastructure.   However, some hosts are unusually helpful in the process, and that can save a lot of time.  Here is a quick punchlist of items to remember:

  1. BACKUP EVERYTHING – Can’t stress this enough, if your site goes down, be able to roll it back immediately.
  2. Don’t work on live – This is huge as well – don’t make these updates to your live site, work on staging / test server first, work out all the kinks.
  3. Purchase & install your SSL Certificate – This provides the backbone security, and will need to be renewed either annually or every few years (usually purchased through your host.  For WPEngine customers, Base SSL is free).
  4. Update all of your site’s links to point to HTTPS – If you switch to HTTPS, and you have links still pointing to HTTP (e.g., you’ll LOSE SEO rank.  Even though the visitor will be redirected to the right ‘https’ version of the page, your site will lose SEO in the redirect.
  5. Update your theme files – Update absolute paths in your theme files (this may require the help of a developer, but it may not, depending on your site)
  6. Update all links in your site database
  7. TEST, Test, Test! – Test all pages on the site to make sure they’re https and that all elements on the page are HTTPS.  If the page is not secure – you will see a message like the image on the top of this page.  If it is secure, you will see a lock icon and it will read “Secure”.
  8. Enforce HTTPS – After above is complete, make sure all visitors are redirected to the proper, https version of all pages regardless of where they enter.
  9. Update the Search Engines – After the site is working well on HTTPS – make sure to update Google, Yahoo, Baidu and any other engine that is of importance to your strategy.
  10. Update the world’s links (social media, Google My Business, Your Email Blast links, etc) – Make sure all links “coming back to you” are pointing to

More Reading:

There’s no way I’m doing all that.

Lol if that’s too cumbersome, we can either help or get you to your host who will help you.

Call us at (315) 233-9283 or email [email protected]


Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 · Categories: Accessibility / Usability, Security

Post Written by Tison Kelley

Tison Kelley, B.S., specializes in User Interface Design and User Experience in enterprise architectures. Nationally, he has worked with the U.S. Navy, Federal Aviation Administration, and the University of San Diego's Institute for Peace & Justice. Regionally, he has worked with McDonald's franchises, SAAB Sensis Corp, Consumer Credit Counseling, C.B. Richard Ellis, Upstate HomeCare and CNY organizations in a wide variety of industries. He is proficient in XHTML, CSS and Javascript development, as well as PHP, and MySQL on the server-side. He has recently exhibited at trade conferences; Gartner Enterprise Content Management in Las Vegas and Search Engine Strategies NYC. Kelley is a native of Syracuse, N.Y. and has a B.S. in Information Studies & Technology from Syracuse University. He was the founding director of a 501c3 organization that has helped donate over $34,000 for multiple sclerosis research.

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