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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

  • Increased Traffic & Brand Awareness
  • Targeted Visitors – SEO isn't just about volume, but getting in front of the exact customers you're looking for. Stop wasting ad dollars on broad-reaching newspaper ads, or mass mailers.
  • SEO Doesn't Expire or End (like Adwords) – Good SEO doesn't end when the campaign ends, it will carry it's weight for months (work is needed to maintain long term)
  • The Yellow Pages are Fading – As much as we'll miss it, people are going online these days to find what they're looking for, with little work, you should be easy to find.
  • Regional (Local) Search – You should be coming up! When someone searches for your line of work (e.g. "Investment Advisor Syracuse"), your business should come up on the map.

SEO Services

  • Site Checkup: Is your site visible to Google? What needs to be fixed asap?
  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Content & Code Optimization – including all html elements, meta tags, sitemaps, etc.
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Monthly SEO Maintenance
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The Impact of SEO

Contact us for case studies from your industry.

Case Study #1: $5000 per month on Adwords, cut indefinitely.

(Syracuse-based Barcode Manufacturer), after an SEO overhaul, received the highest number of European leads ever, 6 more total leads than the previous year. As of August 2011, they've qualified 75 more leads than the previous year in this quarter alone. Due to their SEO upgrades, they have been able to cut $5,000 from their monthly Adwords budget (It has now been shut off entirely). The following chart shows the impact our SEO campaign made on the website traffic following launch in July of 2011 (roughly quadrupling their traffic)

Case Study #2: Over $64,000 in recurring revenue and counting…

(Downtown Syracuse, Investment Management Firm) has added over $64,000 in recurring annual revenue (and still increasing) with their SEO Campaign. This represents more than a 30:1 return on investment. Keywords: Fee Only

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"We made a sale for $68K yesterday. So, we just paid for the website on day 1 lol. Thought you'd like to know that." - Manufacturing Client
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