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Since 2007, Breakthrough Design Group has provided award-winning web design strategy to businesses & non-profits in Syracuse, and all over the country. Breakthrough Design specializes in the Financial Planning Web Design, Science & Tech, Real Estate, & Non-Profit sectors.

Web Design & Strategy Services

Stickley Furniture

Stickley Audi & Co redefines their online experience to match the "design, painstaking craft, construction, and history" that the brand values and includes in their work, every day. "Great furniture creates, and carries memories across time."

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National Grid

Aug 2018:
National Grid Investment Recovery & Recycling is doing amazing things for the environment (over 25M lbs of material recycled, reused or sold last year), and their community (employing 40+ disabled individuals). The online experience will soon augment these initiatives.

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WCNY has launched a new online home to complement the completion of the Broadcast and Education Center on the Near West Side.

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Qualitrol Corp

Qualitrol Corp, part of the $20B Danaher Corp, upgrades their online experience: Transitioning from individual product needs to a more holistic, conditions based monitoring leader for utilities providers globally.

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Local military radar and air traffic management systems manufacturer Saab Sensis is in the process of a branding and web development campaign; upgrading to a people/solution-centric model in a modern, responsive layout.

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Breakthrough Design worked w/ Dig Safely NY (811) to provide their member base; utilities including Verizon, Time Warner, & National Grid, with up-to-date Membership Package PDF's.

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Restaurant performance software written for the youngest franchisee in McDonald's history, Central New York's own Grenick Management. The application provides an online performance automation process, saving hours of work for each restaurant.

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