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Ecommerce Customer Portals for Healthcare Manufacturers & 503A/503B Pharmacies

24/7 Ordering & Account Access.
Improve sales & customer relationships.
Customized to your existing processes & systems.
Less time managing, more time growing  🚀

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Ecommerce Customer Portal Inclusions

Clients may choose any or all of the following, depending on particular requirements, and growth goals. Contact Us to Schedule a Discovery Meeting 

Customer "My Account" Area

  • 24/7 Portal Ordering Access
  • Real-time Order, Shipping, Tracking Status
  • Pay by Credit, and Invoice (Pay Later) 
  • Edit Account Info, Billing / Shipping Addresses (Shipping locked for 503B Pharmacy Portals)
  • View Invoices / Unpaid Orders
  • Manage Saved Payment Methods
  • Chat / Messaging / Support / Help Docs
  • Customizable Design, messaging, tabs, and pages

Product Catalog, Management & Sync

  • Public or Private Catalog Functionality
  • Customizable Product Metadata, Images, & Attributes
  • Product Categories & Tags
  • Account-Specific & Product-Specific Access & Pricing
  • Sync Tier 2: Manage products in your existing system (if supported, eg. Salesforce) and sync to portal.
  • Product Import Support
  • Customizable Design: From simple (one-page order forms) to enterprise ecommerce experiences.

Order Management & Sync

  • 24/7 Order Management, Warehouse, Fulfillment Access
  • Real-time Order Updates, Shipping, Tracking Status
  • Manage Order Products, Shipping, & Billing Info
  • Customer Order Status Email Notifications
  • Shipping, Fedex, UPS Tracking Link Notifications
  • Analytics, Reporting & More
  • Sync Tier 2: Manage orders in your existing system (If supported, eg. Salesforce), and sync order status to the portal.
People first

Account Management & Sync

Manage customer accounts in the portal, or (if supported), continue to manage in your existing system (eg. Salesforce) and sync the portal with your system.  Contact us to confirm compatibility. 

Content Management System WordPress

Pricebooks: Customer-Specific Product Pricing

Create global reusable pricebooks, or customer-specific pricing per product.  Give percentage discounts, product-based discounts and more.

Web Client Experience

User + Account Registration Functionality

  • Customizable Account Registration / Enrollment form. 
  • Custom form fields for your systems & processes.
  • Custom ‘Completing Your Registration’ emails. 
  • Sync Tier 2: Integrate w/ Salesforce, Pardot, or other  CRM / Customer Database.
Content Strategy & Writing

Payment & Shipping

  • Take credit payments from Square, Stripe, Authorize.net, Paypal and more.
  • Invoicing & Pay Later Functionality
  • Multiple Shipping Methods
  • Customizable Checkout / Order Fields
  • Multiple Locations Functionality – multiple shipping addresses

License Management (503B/503A Pharmacies)

  • Simplify the License Process; Collect,  approve/disapprove, customer licensing.
  • Automatic customer alerts for license expiration in the ordering portal
  • Shipping Address Locking – Prevent customer editing of shipping addresses
  • Contact Us for all 503A/503B Pharmacy functionality.
Branding & Style Guides

Your Design, Your Data, Your Server

  • Custom Branding & Coloring
  • Account Import
  • Order Import
  • Product Import
  • Your Data, Your Server – We help you setup, configure and manage.


Who You Are

The platform is designed for  503A/503B pharmacies,  biotech manufacturers, medical device, and other pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers who sell to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers.  On average, the platform helps clients manage $50K – $400K /month in orders.

Process & Timeline

Healthcare & Pharmacy Customer Portals typically take from 2 – 3 Months. Timing depends on: scope of inclusions, whether a Discovery project is needed first, and client turnaround.

Projects are broken into 4 major stages:
1) Research / Diagnostic + Strategic Plan (2 – 4 weeks).
2) Design (2 – 4 weeks).
3) Build w/ Data Import (1-2 months).
4) Launch, Training & Onboarding Customers (2-4 weeks)

Timing depends on how quickly your firm is able to work, provide product / order / account data, content and photography.  Everything we do, we do with intention, purpose, and we do it for long-term sustainable growth.

What Happens After Launch

This platform will bring your firm to a public launch.  After launch, it includes the education and training to begin onboarding customers and taking orders, and it includes as much support and maintenance from our team as your team needs to begin & grow.


Healthcare & Pharmacy Customer Portals typically range from $15,000 – $80,000 to launch, coupled with a Monthly Maintenance & Support Plan (Depending on number and scope of inclusions needed). To get exact pricing for your organization Contact Us.

Getting Started

Contact Us to begin.

Case Study

Compounding Pharmacy Customer Portal Case Study
Breakthrough Design Logo - Web Design Syracuse

National Allergy Extract Pharmacy Facilitates 3,000 (Hospitals, Clinics, Providers), & $200,000 / Month via Customer Portal

Breakthrough was approached by a national pharmaceutical manufacturer to fix a broken ecommerce customer ordering portal, integrate with existing systems, facilitate licensing requirements, custom organizational processes, and growth goals.

After an initial Discovery Project, Breakthrough helped this firm design an ecommerce customer portal facilitating all accounts (hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers across the US), thousands in orders per week, custom product pricebooks, sales, warehouse and management team access, and more.

Major Results / Achievements

  • 24/7 Real-time Access for Thousands  of Customer Accounts
  • Increase in Avg. Order Size, Repeat Orders, Order Frequency, and Overall Conversion Rate
  • Facilitating Custom 503B Pharmaceutical FDA Licensing & Ordering Requirements 
  • Sales, Account Managers, Warehouse,  Fulfillment & Management Staff  Working Through Existing System
  • 6:1 Projected ROI in first 6 months (and climbing)
  • Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Integration
  • CRM & Content Management System Integration
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Get Started

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In our first call: We will review the Web & Digital Discovery Assessment together. The Discovery meeting is a learning meeting, designed to help us understand you, your firm, the issues you’re having now, and start to formulate the role web & digital will play in your strategic plan, and long term goals. We look forward to meeting you.

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