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Financial Advisor Web Design & Digital Growth
Muir Edison

We help midsize Financial Advisor firms ($100M – $3B AUM) achieve AUM growth goals. Our award-winning web team has helped hundreds of firms serve millions of users.


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Financial Advisor Web Design Breakthrough
Financial Advisor Web Design Primary Goal

Primary Goal of this Service

Our Goal for Your Firm: Position the advisor firm as a market leader while establishing the brand, digital platform, lead gen ecosystem, and strategic habits for lasting growth.

What Firms Can Expect:

  • Firms commonly experience a powerful, long-term shift in their trajectory
  • Diagnostic & Research: Get a better sense for what’s not working, what should be fixed immediately, and what can be scheduled.
  • Establish an enterprise-level website and digital customer experience
  • Increased ROI of sales and marketing teams


  • Individual Advisor Marketing Suite: Empower individual advisor brands, increased exposure, increased effectiveness
  • Increased conversion rates (Improved ability to turn prospects into clients).
  • Attract more right-fit prospects, while simplifying the wide array of services you provide (allowing firms to focus on their strengths)
  • Talent Recruitment: Attract great-fit talent and staff
  • And more (Inclusions below)


Web & Digital Platform Inclusions

Clients may choose any or all of the following, depending on particular industry, client goals, and needs. Contact Us to Schedule a Discovery Meeting 

Web Strategy

Web Strategy: Diagnostic & Research

The diagnostic, research & strategic phase informs the entire project. Reports include: Digital & Web Audit Reports, User & Audience Reports, Market Research Report, Competitive Analysis, Information Architecture Report and more.

Web Client Journey & Lifecycle

Client Journey & Lifecycle Analysis

Going beyond the ‘funnel’, the client journey is the foundation. The journey from an unknown visitor, to prospect, client, dedicated client, to advocate & referrer. Includes client journey design, lifecycle analysis, and more.

Web Client Experience

Web & Digital Client Experience

Establish an enterprise-level web and the digital client experience; a cross-browser, cross-platform (desktop, mobile) digital client experience.

Branding & Style Guides

Branding & Style Guides

Creation of the firm’s brand strategy: Logo design, corporate style guides for use in all marketing activities (print, tv, billboards, etc). Elements: custom logo, custom iconography, color palette, fonts and font layouts, imagery, spacing, illustrative style (if included), brand imagery, tone, style and more.

Lead Gen Ecosystem

Lead Gen Ecosystem, CRM, Analytics

Generating, capturing, and cultivating leads and customer relationships. All projects include time to setup and integrate a CRM tool, and guidance in leveraging, measuring, and improving your performance over time.

Content Strategy & Writing

Content Strategy & Writing

Information architecture consultation, content strategy & oversight, content writing (amount depending on Base or Advanced pack), content & image migration, base SEO migration, and more.

Content Management System WordPress

Content Management System (CMS)

The Content Management System (CMS), usually WordPress, allows the user to easily make changes to the site content (service pages, products, images, news posts, menus & more).

SEO Search Engine Optimization

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

The SEO Base pack (included in all) commonly results in marked search engine rank and traffic increases within months, and continued rank climbing over time. Includes: keyword research, code optimization, meta tags, seo tool integration & setup, linking prep, automatic submission of content to major search engines.

Email Strategy

Email (Base / Advanced)

Includes: email marketing platform setup and integration w/ digital platform. Advanced packs include: email template design, content strategy, monthly campaigns, and email marketing coaching.


Accessibility (ADA / WCAG)

Better navigate the Section 508 ADA laws, and ultimately meet clients with disabilities at the level where they are. Broader, easier access benefits everyone. See how this site performs on the WAVE ADA Tester.


Privacy (GDPR / CCPA / NYPA)

Protect, and safeguard your clients and their data. Depending on pack and firm requirements, includes: overall privacy audit, consulting for the GDPR, CCPA, NYPA, privacy strategy, and more.

Speed / Performance

Speed Pack

At Breakthrough, we take pride in the performance of our work. Slow loading pages affect your bottom line (Kissmetrics Infographic). Faster pages = improved SEO, user experience, and better results. This is included in everything we do. Advanced & base packs avail.


Privacy (GDPR / CCPA / NYPA)

Protect, and safeguard your clients and their data. Depending on pack and firm requirements, includes: overall privacy audit, consulting for the GDPR, CCPA, NYPA, privacy strategy, and more.

Speed / Performance

Speed Pack

At Breakthrough, we take pride in the performance of our work. Slow loading pages affect your bottom line (Kissmetrics Infographic). Faster pages = improved SEO, user experience, and better results. This is included in everything we do. Test the speed of this site on Google. Advanced & base packs avail.

Financial Advisor Web Ideal Client

The Ideal RIA / Financial Advisor Client for this Product

  • Independent RIA / Financial Advisor firms with $100M – $3B AUM (roughly 3-40 staff)
  • Your web, digital, or lead gen strategy has issues, needs upgrading.
  • You are a Firm Principal, Advisor, or Marketer.
  • You are excited to work directly with us as the decision maker and not through another staff member.
  • You’ve worked with a marketing, consulting, or web agency in the past
  • Not looking for an ‘online brochure’. You realize that the web & digital platforms ARE your firm (especially post-COVID), and you want to redefine that.
  • You are not in a rush or looking for a ‘quick site’. You believe in doing intentional, researched, high ROI work.


Process & Timeline

Web & Digital Growth Platforms typically take from 3-6 months. Timing depends on: scope of inclusions, whether Branding is needed first, and client turnaround. Projects are broken into 4 major stages: 1) Research / Diagnostic + Strategic Plan (1 month). 2) Design (1-2 months). 3) Build (1-2 months). 4) Launch & Training (1/2 – 1 month).

Timing depends on how quickly your firm, and your decision makers are able to work, make decisions, answer questions, fill in missing content, photography, and marketing materials. Everything we do, we do with intention, purpose, and we do it for long-term sustainable growth.


Web & Digital Growth Platforms typically range from $2,500 – $75,000 (Depending on number and scope of inclusions needed). To get exact pricing for your organization Contact Us.

What Happens After Completion

This will bring your firm to a public launch, and includes the education & training to begin using your platform, and generating leads as early as day 1. (We’ve had clients pay for the entire cost on day 1 of the launch). You will pay for your hosting ongoing (paid to your host, not us), but you will have no ongoing costs to us unless you decide to continue coaching, consulting, or make changes later on down the road.

Getting Started

Contact Us to get started. (Optional: For those that like to prep, feel free to review the Web & Digital Discovery Assessment, but this is optional, we will review this together).

Impact / ROI


Users Visited Our Work Last Year


Average Client AUM Increase While Using Our Platform


Team Members


Est. Individuals w/ Improved Financial Health


Websites Donated to Local Charities


Meals Made & Served to the Homeless

We Build Brands

Tech Web Design Client - Google
Restaurant Web Design Client - McDonalds
Education Web Design Client - Syracuse University
Furniture / Manufacturer Web Design Client - Stickley
University Web Design Client - Cornell
University Web Design Client - NYU
Utilities Web Design Client - National Grid
Utilities Web Design Client - Danaher
Food Industry Web Design Client - Taco Bell
Law Firm Web Design Client - Hiscock Legal Aid
Financial Web Design - Century
Law Firm Web Design Client - Westfall Law
Financial Advisor Web Design - Rockbridge
Financial Advisor Web Design - Ritholtz Wealth
Commercial Real Estate Web Design Client - Cushman Wakefield
Non Profit Web Design - Rescue Mission
Non-Profit Web Design - WCNY
Manufacturer Web Design - Saab Sensis
Manufacturer Web Design - JADAK Tech
Healthcare Pharmaceutical Web Design Client - Edge Pharma

Case Studies

Manufacturer Web Design Case Study

01 / 07

National furniture retailer more than doubles traffic (from 900K/year to 2.2M) in 18 months

Breakthrough was approached by a national furniture manufacturer / retailer with an outdated website, broken information architecture, little to no content management capabilities, minimal SEO, difficulty making updates, and very low online sales/lead gen.

View Project: stickley.com 

Major Results / Achievements

  • Traffic Increase of 220% in 18 months
  • 18:1 Projected ROI in first 18 months (and climbing)
  • Enterprise Ecommerce & Content Management Platform
  • 15K total products (5K products X 3 distributed web platforms)
  • 265% Google / Organic SEO Placement
  • 280% Increase in engagement
  • 3X Reduction in content management time
Muir Edison Financial Web Design

02 / 07

Helping Financial Advisor (RIA) firms to actualize and realize their true potential.

Muir Edison rebrands, and builds a unique service offering for RIA firms.

Major Results / Achievements

  • Average AUM Increase of $575K per client
  • Clients named to CNBC Top 100 Advisor Firms multiple years
  • 8892 Estimated Individuals with improved financial health
  • Coverage by AdvisorPerspectives (multiple times)
    #1 ranking for multiple financial advisor firms
  • Worldwide SEO ranking for related terms
Financial Advisor Web Design Case Study
Restaurant Franchise Web Design Case Study
Restaurant Web Design Case Study

03 / 07

National restaurant franchisor hits and surpasses team growth goals with 750 new applicants in months of launch

Hospitality Restaurant Group employs over 500 people in NY, TN, and NJ, yet was having difficulty being unknown to their community, and struggling w/ staffing and recruitment. Breakthrough helped HRG Taco Bell with a complete Brand, Web & Digital Overhaul, repositioning the brand in the community, increasing sales, team applications and more.

View project: HRGFood.com

Major Results / Achievements

  • 750 Job Applications in 4 months of launch
  • Project paid for itself within 2 months (5:1 ROI and counting)
  • 4X Web Traffic within 4 months
  • Branding & Brand Identity Re-Established
  • 3 New restaurants opened since launch
  • Increased local community support
  • Simplified Content Management
Westfall - Lawyer Web Design Case Study
Westfall Logo - Lawyer Web Design Case Study

National law practice enjoys 300% increase in engagement in first 6 months; Sustained into 3rd year on the platform


06 / 09

Century - Financial Web Design Case Study
CenturySS Logo - Financial Web Design Case Study

National debt settlement company increases traffic and leads by 400% in first 5 months


07 / 09

Citrus TV Web Design Case Study
Citrus TV Logo Web Design Case Study

University TV Station boosts monthly recurring audience by 240%


06 / 09

Francis Non-profit Web Design Case Study
Francis Non-profit Logo Web Design Case Study

For first time ever (and during a pandemic), service org fills all volunteer spots for the coming year in 2 months


06 / 09

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