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Tison Kelley
Founder, Digital Experience Architect

Tison Kelley - Founder, Digital Experience Architect

About Tison

Kelley, B.S., specializes in Digital Experience in enterprise architectures. He got his start improving user experience for the U.S. Navy and Federal Aviation Administration. He then began working in higher ed improving web & digital platforms, and decided to create Breakthrough to broaden his impact. Over the past 19 years, with Breakthrough’s amazing team, has helped 450+ organizations solve digital problems, and improve human experiences for millions of people. He has personally helped public and private institutions, Fortune 100 corporations, higher education institutions, commercial real estate firms, non-profits (education, literacy, career services, community services, & more), manufacturers, financial advisors, environmental services, law firms, tech startups and more. He has exhibited at trade conferences; Gartner Enterprise Content Management in Las Vegas and Search Engine Strategies NYC. Kelley is a native of Syracuse, N.Y. and has a B.S. in Information Studies & Technology from Syracuse University. He was the founding director of a 501c3 organization that has helped donate over $15,000 for multiple sclerosis research.

Experience & Education

  • 19 Years in Web, Creative, Digital & Brand Strategy

  • With the Breakthrough team, personally responsible for more than 450 successful web / brand growth projects

  • Resulting in: More than a $1 billion in collective growth, mergers, acquisitions, team / talent growth, membership growth, political change, social change, community help, and more.

  • Breakthrough’s work in 2022 is estimated to support more than 6 million digital users

  • B.S. Information Studies & Technology, iSchool, Syracuse University

  • Exhibited at: Gartner Enterprise Content Management, Las Vegas

  • Exhibited at: Search Engine Strategy NYC

  • Founding Director of the Dig Foundation (501c3); for Multiple Sclerosis research

  • 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Kripalu Vinyasa

  • 2022: Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Breathwork Facilitator

Tison Kelley Experience, Education
Nate & Ti

Interests, Current Studies, & Fascinations

  • Family & friends

  • Optimizing human performance, motivation

  • Health, wellness, improving sleep

  • Fitness, Crossfit, HIIT training, tennis (go Federer!), biking, running

  • Yoga, meditation, SRI / breathwork

  • Psychology, the subconscious mind, unlocking the true self

  • Physical therapy is one of the best healers and no one really takes advantage of it

  • Anti-aging

  • Helping the world really heal from COVID

  • Nutrition, food as medicine, the power of plants / herbs as medicine, fungi

  • Building courage

  • Blooper reels (especially this one w/ Bradley Cooper & Jimmy Kimmel! Watch if you need a great laugh)

  • Tiny houses

  • Regenerative Farming / Biodynamic Farming

  • Authenticity