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In 2021, our award-winning work will help a projected 5M+ digital users.
We provide digital strategy to commercial real estate firms, manufacturers, CFP firms, local services firms, and more.

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  • Syracuse University Student Association
  • Saab Sensis
  • Pyramid Brokerage
  • WCNY
  • Rescue Mission
  • Grenick Management
  • Evans Chevy
  • Koenig Advertising & PR
  • ASR Systems Group, Inc.
  • Clearpoint Credit Counseling
  • Financial Planning Association
  • Francis Corps
  • Jadak Tech
  • Henry Wilson Jewelers
  • Cornell University Cooperative Extension
  • Craft Beer Connect
  • Sync Evolution
  • Ritholtz Wealth Management
  • Global Marine Networks
  • Rockbridge
  • Lakeview MHS
  • BTI Travel
  • Syracuse Jr. Chiefs
  • Omega Water
  • Pediatric Associates
  • Byrne Costello & Pickard
  • Lopez Engineering
  • Gage Foundation
  • Mycell Technologies
  • Mr. Chimney Man
  • Teza Design
  • Omegafy For Life
  • Ambit Abstract
  • Apter O'Connor
  • Syracuse Nets
  • Upstate Home Care
  • The Pulse Online
  • Medical Vendor Watch
  • Bruce Bryan
  • Meagley Machinery
  • Abbey Brand
  • DrQuickLook
  • Muench Kreuzer
  • NY Brown Swiss
  • South Side Innovation Center
  • Quality Components
  • Benefit Design Services
  • Northside Learning Center
  • Avanti Pilates
  • Bluepoint Environmental
  • Unimar
  • Bennett Levine Photography
  • Lead Safe CNY
  • Perfect Practice
  • St. Thomas More Church
  • Sally Roesch Wagner
  • Montalvo Tequila
  • Faithful Acres
  • Dreissig
  • Fan Hands
  • KNB Integration
  • Yoga Syracuse
  • St. Cecilas Church
  • Surface Furniture
  • The Dig
  • Bella Luna Bowling
  • Crave Festival
  • 10% Shift
  • omegainfusion
  • Stickley Furniture
  • National Grid
  • Danaher Corp
  • Syracuse University
  • Rockbridge
  • Pyramid Brokerage
  • WCNY
  • Saab Sensis
  • Rescue Mission
  • Grenick Management
  • Evans Chevy
  • Dig Safely
  • Financial Planning Association
  • Cornell University Cooperative Extension Onondaga County
  • Ritholtz Wealth Management

Recent Work

A few of our in-process, and recent launches are shown below. For more in your industry Contact Us.


For more in your industry Contact Us.

The Breakthrough ProcessTM

We are a digital strategists, born on the web.
To get the full BDG Product Spec (PDF) for your industry: Start the Discovery Process

Phase 1: Audit + Strategy

  • Begin with the Discovery Questionnaire
  • Determine if we are a good fit (CRE, Manufacturing, CFP, or Local Services Firm >$5M/Annual, Team >10)
  • Business + Digital Audit: Determine organizational deficiencies, largest problems (Fixing the 'biggest holes' in your ship first).
  • Optimum Spend: Determine the best investment for marketing and sales dollars.
  • Audiences + Customers: Determine who they are, who they should be, and how best to reach them.
  • User Journey: Determine the unique problems your customers have, when they happen, where they may be when they happen, and how you can best solve them.
  • Design: Determine web, digital, and design assets needed for the platform.
  • Architecture + Content: Determine missing content, optimize current content, and define how people will interact with your content.
  • Strategic Plan: Creation of the Strategic Plan + Recommendations for implementation.

Phase 2: Design

Designing the Web / Digital Platform, and the Digital Assets used throughout the Customer Experience. In short: Designing the digital version of your firm; how people will perceive and interact with you, at every step of their journey (from prospect to advocate).

Tools / Deliverables:

  • Wireframes + Moodboards + Prototypes: Ideation, and staged creation of the brand assets.
  • Brand / Corporate Style Guide (example): Crucial (although missing for some firms): Determine Brand Guidelines and execution across various digital and traditional media.
  • Brand Assets: Creating the physical constructs of the design. Constantly changing, may include: Logo Design, Web Design, Email, Document / PDF Design, Slide Decks, Infographics, Graphics, Custom Illustration / Iconography, Interactive, Custom Animation, and more.

Phase 3: Implementation

Where the rubber hits the road: Translation of the brand assets to an interactive customer experience, configuration and integration of external tools, and digital platform buildout.

  • Web + CMS (Content Management System) : Custom build and integration w/ CMS
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): For all BDG projects, SEO comes standard.
  • Responsive + Accessible + Performant: Ensure platform loads quickly, is accessible, and provides uniform customer experience regardless of how they view it.
  • Lead Gen Ecosystem + CRM: One of the most important pieces of the platform. Includes generating, capturing, and acting on customer communication in one place, allowing for continuous improvement.
  • Social: Configuration, integration w/ social media platforms.
  • Content Buildout: Taking big piles of Client's unorganized "stuff" and converting that into a new beautiful digital brand.


After launch, you will have no costs from Breakthrough. We will train your team to be able to make 98% of the updates you'll have. We'll train you how to track your performance, how to maintain the platform, and provide strategies for continually optimizing business + digital initiatives.

  • Platform Handoff + Training: Training for Platform usage, CMS, Maintaining High SEO, and more.
  • Day-to-Day + Optimization: Your team begins leveraging the platform in all business units (sales, marketing, business development, recruiting, and more) while tracking their ROI, and continually optimizing effort and spend.

Further Optimization:

  • Breakthrough Analytics + Adjustment Pack (Quarterly/Biannually): Later, if you'd like to delve deeper into the numbers, upgrade the platform, or make better digital / business decisions: Contact Us

Learn More: Start the Discovery Questionnaire

In 2021, our award-winning digital growth platforms will help over 5M digital users.

What We Do

Award-Winning Digital Strategy for Commercial Real Estate, Manufacturers, CFP Firms, Local Services Firms & more.
Our Work

Recent Work

"We made a sale for $68K yesterday. So, we just paid for the website on day 1 lol. Thought you'd like to know that." - Manufacturing Client
The Breakthrough Process

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