Web & Digital Discovery Assessment

Two ways to start:

  • Option 1: Call: (315) 233-9283 and we'll get started with you.

  • Option 2: Fill out the form at the right, and we will call you / or schedule that meeting with you, and you'll get a link to the assessment to start ahead of our talk.

What to expect & how to use this assessment:

  • We have used this assessment for over 14 years to help over 500 organizations fix, optimize, and establish a healthy digital & growth strategy.

  • This is the first step in the Web & Digital Growth Platform process.

  • We will call you and follow up with you shortly after we receive your info (If sent on Friday, we may return your note on Monday) View our business hours here.

  • Fill out as much (or as little) as you'd like, the more you do fill out, the closer you'll get to understanding what holes you may have in your website, your digital strategy, or your organization's overall service set, products, content strategy, etc.

  • You will be directed to a Google Form that you can duplicate, download and save, and use however you'd like for your organization.

Download the Assessment:

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